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│ Our History │


A box of jigsaw puzzles with the picture of Bal du Moulin de la Galette, painted by the great expressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, appeared in the life of Renoir founders by chance. By completing the beautiful image piece by piece, the sense of achievement became the very first hint of their growing interest in jigsaw puzzles.

One day in a leisure afternoon in a cafe, the founders saw a painting and they were surprised to find themselves being able to recognize the painter, Renoir, through the brush strokes and the style. Such distinctive experience... more>>




│ Product Feature │

Our own namesake brand 

Agency of well-known brands

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│ Custom Puzzle │


  • Custom Puzzle

Customers are welcomed to provide their photographs or electronic files of children’s paintings to produce a puzzle withthe pieces at their wish. Preserving the special moment in life, Renoir also provides the matching box which make it even better for a present one of a kind.  


  • Framing

Renoir provides custom handmade delicate framing service. We put a luxurious frame for your completed puzzle, and add some unique style for your living space.
Renoir could give professional suggestion for the frame based on the size of puzzle or posters, the position it would be placed and the colour tone of the place, build up a masterpiece just for you.



│ Our Store │