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Our History

A box of jigsaw puzzles with the picture of Bal du Moulin de la Galette, painted by the great expressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, appeared in the life of Renoir founders by chance. By completing the beautiful image piece by piece, the sense of achievement became the very first hint of their growing interest in jigsaw puzzles.

One day in a leisure afternoon in a cafe, the founders saw a painting and they were surprised to find themselves being able to recognize the painter, Renoir, through the brush strokes and the style. Such distinctive experience made them realize that the practice of artistic tastes and art appreciation can be easily developed by carefully observing puzzle pieces. Sharing the enjoyment of jigsaw puzzles and infusing the lives with art are the motives of opening a puzzle workshop of Renoir founders.


With the ideas of starting a business and the motives of propagating jigsaw puzzles in unison, the founders opened their first store enthusiastically at Shida Shopping District in Taipei City in 1990. The brand was in the name of “ Renoir Puzzle Workshop” as for remembering the story that evoked the idea of having a puzzle store of their own.

The brand was oriented as a “workshop” because jigsaw puzzles are not only for fun, but also a nice method to gain artistic ability.  We would like to make our store a place to provide many varieties of art and knowledge more than just a exclusive store of jigsaw puzzles.