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Renoir, Our own namesake brand 

Being a licensee, and create products under our own namesake brand.


Picture Book & Illustration Art

Full of scenario, picture books narrate beautiful stories with delicate images. We represent different features of different painters from their works in jigsaw puzzles and bring the stories into every corner of life. 


Picture Book Art

Illustration Art


Contemporary Art

The charm of the select modern art works are shown in the form of jigsaw puzzles. We represent to you this contemporary and abundant artistic world, and the new vigor of art creation in a new aspect.



Renown Collection

Impressionism, realism, and abstract expressionism, we recreate these classic paintings on jigsaw puzzles. With carefully-adjusted color and size, we try our best to make these masterpieces as real as the original one so that you can have it as a personal classic collection of yourself.



Creative Trend

The inspiration of novel creation comes from the diverse and open culture, in which the collision of art and trends provides ultimate power for creation.



the Modern Orient

We recreate classic oriental paintings and calligraphic works delicately on jigsaw puzzles,  which includes classic collection from National Palace Museum and oriental literature: poems, ditties, odes, and songs, adding a touch of classic art into people’s life.



the Modern Orient

When classic oriental elements meet modern fashion, the new charm is being brought out from their integration.


the Modern Orient

the Beaty of Homeland

  • Beautiful Photographs of Taipei 101, Yushan Main Peak, and many more places in Taiwan.


Clock Puzzle

Piecing every moment of happiness together with jigsaw puzzles, and in the meantime the combination of puzzles and clocks also makes a perfect match of art and life.



Wooden Puzzle

The unique Chinese character puzzle pieces will bring you a lot of surprises when piecing the puzzle together! The fun combination of wood and Chinese culture will make you experience that puzzle means more than puzzle.